Unmatched Innovation + Custom Fit = The Best Protection

Our mission is simple—save lives and reduce brain damage from sports related trauma through the advancement of technology. Made right here in the USA.

Did you see us out there?

All KAV helmets are customized to your exact measurements.


At KAV we fit different. Our helmets are made-to-order for you. If after 30 days of receiving your helmet it’s not the best fitting helmet you’ve ever experienced we will give a full refund.

The result is, the best helmet made for you–with no more pressure points, headaches, or dials to adjust.

5 year

We have the best warranty in the industry. Other brands offer one year limited coverage and say you need to replace a helmet every three years, not us! Every helmet is covered by a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.

100% crash

Sh*t happens. Our crash replacement program has you covered. You receive a one-time 100% replacement of the same model during your entire five year warranty. Just send your helmet back to us so we can analyze it and make improvements if needed.

net zero

Protecting you and protecting the environment aren’t mutually exclusive. Our made-to-measure process means we only make what’s needed and fabricated here in Redwood City, California. So there’s no excess inventory, or shipping products from halfway across the world.



The Design & Innovation Award is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry’s highest-performing products. The Design & Innovation Award is more than just a title-giver or a round of applause for brands. It’s the definitive award that decisively tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching considered verdicts.