About Us

We are parents, athletes, stewards, and engineers dedicated to progress. We act intentionally and innovate wisely and when we see the need for change, we act.


We solve three problems:

People don’t like to wear helmets or at best they’re an afterthought.

They’re optimized to prevent skull fractures and not concussions.

And while not unique to helmets, the manufacture and disposal of helmets leaves a wake of negative environmental consequences.


Each helmet is fabricated around your head measurements. This provides a superior fit, slimmer more aero profile and unmatched aethstetic. Top it off with your name laser etched on the side and you know this helmet is yours alone. Personalization made possible by the KAV PerFit System.

Unparalleled Protection

While your helmet is unique to you, it benefits from a universal set of technologies to reduce linear and rotational impact forces. We started with the science of head trauma and built impact rigs before a pencil began even sketching our first helmet.

Net Zero Emissions

Protecting you and protecting the environment aren’t mutually exclusive. Our made-to-measure process means we only make what’s needed and fabricated here in Redwood City, California. So there’s no excess inventory, or shipping products from halfway across the world.