Hockey Face Mask

Thanks to vaccinations and lower infection rates, ice rinks around the country are in various stages of opening up (or continue to operate with restrictions). They typically have COVID health precautions in place, including face covering while on the ice. Requirements vary by county and like everything COVID related thus far, rules are in constant flux. While the CDC still recommends face masks (surgical masks, multi-layered cloth or N95), they make breathing more difficult during hockey play. Also, sweat can make them uncomfortable or require frequent changing while on the ice. We've found that players (and parents) are requesting additional protection or where it's safe to do so, an alternative to the face mask.

KAV is proud to announce the KAV BG1 or Breath Guard. First, it is not a medical-grade filter nor does it replace the ubiquitous face mask. Any shield that is away from the face is, by definition, not forming a hermitical seal to filter droplets or contagions. The breath guard does complement other safety measures by deflecting airborne pathogens from the player's mouth and nose. It provides an additional safeguard and works alongside other safety measures to protect you. In addition, the BG1:

  • Is HECC approved for use with the KAV H1
  • Does not interfere with breathing or visual acuity
  • Looks great
  • Is easy to clean and use

The KAV Breath Guard is approved for use with the KAV H1 helmet by HECC. HECC specifies that any modifications to a helmet must pass its tests to avoid invalidating the HECC certification. Specifically that the guard stays in place during puck impacts, doesn't pose a risk to the face or eyes and does not interfere with the player's line of sight. All materials are also vetted for safety.

Our breath guard is precision cut with a laser for an optimal fit to our cage. Breathing is unimpeded as there's nothing against the face, mouth or nose. The top of the guard is strategically placed below the eye line to maintain visual acuity and the line of sight. The cutting process minimizes gaps between the cage wires and the breath guard to shield the player's face. The exact fit creates a polished look up close and the transparent plastic disappears from afar. So keep on filming those game-winning goals for your highlight reels!

The guard is easy to clean. It's secured with a reusable adhesive. This allows the reuse of the same guard. Of course, you can also replace the guard as needed at any time.

As part of our commitment to safety, we offer the Breath Guard complimentary with every helmet purchase. Additional BG is available for sale. Word of warning - don't spit while wearing it!