KAV Portola Helmet - Alto Velo

Best Fit Guarantee
100% Crash Replacement Program
5 Year Warranty

Here’s a closer look at the KAV Portola Helmet 👀

Amazing Helmet, Easy Process
I just received my KAV helmet a few days ago and have been on a couple of rides with it. It's completely different than any other bike helmet I've had.

_Tom D


3D Printed &

Made For You

Every KAV helmet is designed exactly to your specifications. Each helmet begins with a one-on-one fit session to take your exact measurements, and is 3D printed to order in Redwood City, California.



Intertek Laboratories confirms the KAV Portola Helmet to be at least 25% more impact resistant than the national CPSC safety standard. Our proprietary carbon fiber-reinforced copolymers are optimized for both rotational and linear forces.


While all KAV helmets are customized to your exact measurements, your preferred size may change over time. From haircuts, to skullcaps, to a simple adjustment of fit preference, we designed the KAV Portola Helmet to change and grow with you. Our custom pads allow for 4-6 mm of adjustment from your original fit - no dials, no straps, no headaches.


Why doesn't the KAV helmet have MIPS?

Why Hex and why it matters.

Is a 3D printed bike helmet safe?

What if I want to wear a cap or cut my hair, will my custom fit cycling helmet still fit?