Best Fit Guarantee


At KAV we fit different. Our helmets are customized to your exact measurements.

The result is, the best helmet made for you–with no more pressure points, headaches, or dials to adjust.

For most, a KAV helmet will be a perfect ride from day one. But for some people, it might take a few outings for your head to fully adjust to the unique fit of a KAV helmet. This is totally normal. You have most likely been fiddling with ratchet systems your whole time on a bike. If after 30 days of receiving your helmet it’s not the best fitting helmet you’ve ever experienced we will give a full refund. 

We do ask all customers to go on at least five rides with their new KAV helmet before starting a return or exchange so their heads have enough time to adjust KAV's unique feel + support!

For any questions, please reach out to