Redefining Safety

Most helmets are required to keep impacts below 300Gs of force, a value that almost guarantees a concussion. KAV helmets are optimized for rotational and linear accelerations and keep impacts in similar conditions under 250Gs.

Keeping it Cool

Unbeatably regulated, regardless of the ride. The open cell structure means that 95% of the helmet is air, so all you feel is the wind in your hair.

Race Ready

An aerodynamic helmet doesn't mean you have to be sweating all your electrolytes out. A custom fit, tuned with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to get you to the finish line first.

Made for Adventure

We worked with polymer engineers to create a material that can do it all. UV resistant, durable, and astoundingly light - our helmets are designed for whatever life throws at you.


How do I measure my head?
Do you offer a warranty?
Is it certified?
What if I want to wear a cap or cut my hair, will my helmet still fit?