The best materials make the best helmets

Tri-Blend Thermoplastic

No single material could create the 10x helmet we demanded and you deserved. So as an industry first, we developed a composite thermoplastic engineered for helmets. The material trinity results in the holy grail of helmet materials.


Maximum Protection

To achieve the highest energy absorption to weight ratio we turned to a proprietary blend of nylon as our base material. Our nylon is resistant to chemicals, UV stable and durable. We couple that with our engineered hex structures creating a helmet that's 95% air, but 100% protection. The result is as impressive for how the KAV helmet levitates in your hand as it is for how it protects your head.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Cold Temperature Performance

For the hardiest amongst us, we've designed our helmets to work in temperatures as low as -30C. Foam stiffens at lower temperatures sending more impact force to your head. Our tri-blend stays compliant and performs as well when you can see your breath as when you're sweating up that climb. Speaking of which, our tri-blend stays cool because unlike foam, it's not an insulator that traps heat.

Carbon Fiber

Strength and Durability

Carbon fiber is used in the best bike frames and hockey sticks because of it's superior strength to weight ratio and ability to tune it to the specific application. Injecting carbon fiber into our fabrication process creates a helmet that distributes impact forces and allows us to make an even lighter helmet. Let's face it, carbon fiber is like ice cream, there's always room for some.