Why 3D Print?

We create helmets, not headaches. Using the latest bike helmet technology, 3D printing enables us to make a custom fit, high performance helmet just for you. It also frees us up to engineer the heck out of your helmet by creating energy absorbing structures not possible with traditional manufacturing.

Innovative Materials

Rather than use the industry-standard EPS foam, our team has developed a proprietary polymer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and carbon fiber. Our custom blend creates a helmet that is 20% lighter, maintains impact strength up to -30°C, and doesn't absorb sweat or odors over time. Pretty neat, huh?

Net-Zero Waste

Protecting the individual while harming the planet is not a compromise we’re willing to make. Each KAV helmet is made to order, as each helmet is made one-of-one for your exact measurements. No excess product, no extra unnecessary waste.