1. Take your measurements

The virtual fit session itself takes about 15 minutes. During the session we’ll take 7 measurements. These include the circumference, a couple of measurements for the top of your head and forehead, length, width, and some facial measurements.

A Fit Kit is included with your helmet purchase or you can order a complimentary fit kit today and we’ll schedule your risk-free, virtual 1:1 fit session with one of our in-house experts.

2. Make adjustments

After your virtual fit session, we will ship you a mold of your head. The mold reflects the fit of the helmet and gives you a chance to make any adjustments if you need to. 

3. Make your helmet

After we get your thumbs up, we'll make your helmet. We custom-build every single helmet we make - we believe one size (or just a few) does NOT fit all!

4. Get out There!

Our custom fit bike helmets are made-to-order for you. We want you to go out and ride hard in your helmet. If after 30 days of receiving your 3D printed bike helmet it’s not the best fitting helmet you’ve ever experienced we will give a full refund.