1. Order your Fit Kit

The KAV custom-fitting process begins with getting to know you. If you order any KAV helmet, we will ship a free Fit Kit to your door. If you don't want to buy just yet, we will still send you a fit kit, and you can decide later.

2. Schedule A Fit Session

Once you have received your Fit Kit, we will schedule an online fitting session with one of our experts to make sure everything goes smoothly and your measurements are precise.

3. Custom Production

We custom-build every single helmet we make - we believe one size (or just a few) does NOT fit all! After your fit meeting, we take your measurements and construct a helmet that fits your unique profile.

4. Get out There!

KAV's helmets are built to be worn. Whether you're on the rink or on the road, we believe every KAV user will feel the difference on first wear. Don't worry about being too careful either, our 5-year warranty keeps both you and your helmet safe.