Performance Personified

Made to Order, Made for You

Forged from advanced carbon polymers

Injection Molded Foam Helmets


Insulates and retains head heat

Standard sizing (S, M, L)

Absorbs sweat and smells

Cheap and good as a packing material

More on limitations of foam

Carbon Polymer TPU Hockey Helmet

Advanced Carbon Polymers

Breathable and vented

Made to your measurements

Moisture resistant and easy to clean

Minimizes linear and angular accelerations

More on why superior materials matter

Sub Zero Vents

Ever wonder why you're sweating so much in a freezing rink? Vents across the entire surface of the KAV hockey helmet facilitate the dissipation of heat when you're in-between shifts. Ventilation channels suck cool air over your head while you skate. Keep your cool, and put the heat on your opponent.

Hockey Helmet Mirror Test

Uncompromising Fit

In & Out with Quick Play

Get on and off the ice with the KAV Quick Play cage clips and Quick Play magnetic chin strap. Designed to work with those giant mittens you call gloves.

Hockey Helmet Comfort and Custom Fit

Auto Retention System

ML Energy Management

Utilizing machine learning (ML) algorithms, the energy management system optimizes the placement of material, minimizes mass and reduces linear and angular accelerations to your noggin.