The Team

For my son’s entire hockey career, I struggled to find Aidan a helmet that fit. A medium helmet put pressure on his temples and a large one wobbled on his head. My engineering skills were required to modify and accommodate his head and his sport goggles.

Flash forward to 2016, the first year of checking and his team experienced a string of concussions. The antiquated foams and limited sizes have been the standard for over three decades. But those buckets stagnated in a game with faster, stronger and bigger players.

KAV is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology. Reinventing how helmets are designed, manufactured and delivered requires the best engineers, scientists and designers. Developing our own software and proprietary manufacturing techniques enable a custom tailored fit. Energy absorbing polymers improve safety, cooling and weight. Finally, a modern design builds on the traditional aesthetic while delivering uncompromising performance. We’ve made a huge leap in our mission, and we’re just getting started.
Always Forward,
Whitman Kwok
Mike Lowe
Paula Karolak
Whitman Kwok
Madilyn Yeoman
Dave Stoutamire
Faith Rice