KAV H1 User Manual

Welcome to the KAV H1 User Manual. This manual will be your guide to all of your helmet needs.
H1 is certified to exceed ASTM performance specification for hockey helmets. Altering the helmet in any way may change that.
Please replace your helmet if there are any signs of breaking, cracking, or damage, whether from playing hockey or zombie attacks. Go to KAVSports.com or contact service@kavsports.com

Clean as needed or when others find the smell offensive. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Solvents, abrasives, paints, hydrochloric acids, or anything other than mild soap may damage the helmet.


Getting your helmet (more) perfect

There are a lot of aspects in the helmet design that are personal preferences to the wearer. We couldn’t possibly build all these things in, so some slight adjustments might need to be made to your KAV helmet when it comes out of the box.

It will be easier to explain once you get familiar with all the nooks and crannies in your helmet. Let me show you around. 

Adjusting the Neckroll for Fit Front to Back

If your helmet feels a little too loose, one adjustment can be made to the neckroll. You’ll see 6 side arm holes on the side of your helmet, near the front of the ear cups. These holes allow you to move the sidearms of the neckroll to be more loose or more snug. All you need to do is pull the sidearm from the default hole and push it back in the desired hole.


Adjusting the Neckroll for Height

The neckroll was made to cradle your head. If it feels a little off, you might need to slide it down. To do that, grab the entire neckroll and pull down towards the edge of the helmet. You should feel it click into place when it reaches a ridge on the neckroll arms.


Adjusting the Chin Cup

The first adjustment you can make with the chin cup is simply sliding it up or down along the cage.

Maybe it still doesn’t feel quite right? Don’t worry, we got you. There are 4 different configurations for the chin cup . Some are only slightly different, so you might have to try a couple to see which is most comfortable for you. The chin cup strap has two letters written on it. One is raised/bold the instructions will always refer to the raised letter.

The default position is the way it came in the box. The raised letter is in a “V” and the thick side of the chin cup is the top.

If you flip the entire piece upside down, so that the raised letter is an “A” and the thin side is the top, this will slightly lower the chin cup position.

In the highest possible position, the raised letter will be and “A” and the thick side will be the top.

The lowest possible position will be the upside down version of the previous. The raised letter will be a “V” and the thin side of the chin cup will be the top.

If you feel the chin cup is too far away from your chin, you can move it closer. If you pull out the entire chin cup strap from the chin cup, there are 3 ridges. The ridge farthest from the strap itself will be the setting that makes the chin cup closest to your chin. The middle will move it farther from your chin. Once the chin cup strap is flush to the chin cup, it will be back in the default position, as far as possible from your chin.