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How much will the KAV Helmet cost?

The benefits of a 3D printed helmet with fit, performance and customization options are enormous. 3D printing is notoriously expensive so we've worked tirelessly to bring down the cost and proudly offer the KAV coach's edition helmet (no cage mounts and no visor mounts) for $390 and a player's edition helmet (cage and our quick lock system) for $490.

Is the KAV Helmet certified?

Yes, the helmet is HECC certified exceeding all the associated requirements.

How is the appropriate size determined?

You will be sent an email with instructions on how to take your measurements with a simple tape measure and a few photos.

Will my child outgrow the KAV helmet more frequently than an ordinary foam helmet?

No, existing helmets adjust primarily in one dimension so kids outgrow the rigid helmet width. A custom fit coupled with a plush inner lining and occipital adjustment are designed to safely accommodate a growing head without the need to "buy with room to grow". We guarantee the fit for 12 months and offer a fit-to-grow program for those interested in trading their KAV helmet for the next size up. It's just another way that we promote protecting our next generation of athletes.

Can I use a cage other than KAV's?

Everything from the quick locking system to impact attenuation are engineered, tested and certified to optimize for performance. We've tested other cages and had inconsistent and unpredictable cage retention and impact results.

Where are KAV helmets fabricated?

Every aspect of the helmet is designed, engineered and tested here in Silicon Valley (California). The helmet is fabricated in Redwood City, CA using domestically sourced materials. The cage is manufactured overseas given the limited number of suppliers who can meet our exacting standards. No animals are harmed in the testing or making of KAV helmets.

We keep all the important trade secrets under our mattresses. For everything else including but not limited to innovations in the energy management system, the quick play retention system, cage, fit system, customization processes and software have patents pending. We'll reference any patents here, as they are published, in accordance with 35 USC § 287(a).