KAV Bike Helmet

Crash Replacement Program

5 Year Warranty

Crash Replacement

Fit Guarantee


We created our own proprietary copolymer, optimized specifically for custom cycling helmets. Our blend includes carbon fiber for added strength, so so our build is stronger than EPS foam. Learn more about the construction of KAV helmets here:


KAV's all-road helmet exceeds all CPSC safety standards. Our helmets are designed to mitigate both linear and rotational impacts, and reduce accelerations from 300 to 250 Gs of force compared to industry standards. Read more about safety here:


While all KAV helmets are customized to your exact measurements, your preferred size may change over time. From haircuts, to skullcaps, to a simple adjustment of fit preference, what you want out of your KAV helmet might not always be the same. Fortunately, KAV's Constant Force Pads help mitigate this by providing a 4-6 mm of flexibility in each direction while improving safety as well.


KAV helmets are built in a sustainable manner. Every helmet is made to order, meaning there are zero surplus wasted helmets. Additionally, KAV offsets the carbon produced by each helmet, resulting in a net-zero product. Learn more about how KAV is prioritizing sustainability here:


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