KAV Bike Helmet

Crash Replacement Program

5 Year Warranty

Crash Replacement

Fit Guarantee

Redefining Safety

Most helmets are certified against a standard requiring accelerations below 300Gs, a value that almost guarantees a concussion. KAV helmets are optimized for rotational and linear accelerations and clocking in under 250Gs.

Keeping it Cool

Unbeatably regulated, regardless of the ride. The open cell structure means that 95% of the helmet is air, so all you feel is the wind in your hair.

Race Ready

An aerodynamic helmet doesn't mean you have to be sweating all your electrolytes out. A custom fit, tuned with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to get you to the finish line first.

Made for Adventure

We worked with polymer engineers to create a material that can do it all. UV resistant, durable, and astoundingly light - our helmets are designed for whatever life throws at you.