KAV Portola Helmet - Alto Velo

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Why doesn't the KAV helmet have MIPS?

Why Hex and why it matters.

Is a 3D printed bike helmet safe?

What if I want to wear a cap or cut my hair, will my custom fit cycling helmet still fit?

3D Printed &

Made For You

Every KAV helmet is designed exactly to your specifications. Each helmet begins with a one-on-one fit session to take your exact measurements, and is 3D printed to order in Redwood City, California. More about why custom-fit helmets offer a superior fit here:


The KAV Portola Helmet reduces impacts 25% more effectively than industry standard. The Portola helmet exceeds all CPSC safety standards, and our proprietary carbon fiber-reinforced copolymers are optimized for both rotational and linear forces. Read more about safety here:


While all KAV helmets are customized to your exact measurements, your preferred size may change over time. From haircuts, to skullcaps, to a simple adjustment of fit preference, we designed the KAV Portola Helmet to change and grow with you. Our custom pads allow for 4-6 mm of adjustment from your original fit - no dials, no straps, no headaches.


Each KAV helmet is made to order, meaning there are no wasted parts or inventory. Additionally, KAV offsets the carbon produced by each helmet, resulting in net-zero emissions. Learn more about how KAV is prioritizing sustainability here: